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    Prop tuning or new fuel pump...OR what's next MOD on 2003 185

    MODS: 215 cold air intake, 215 injectors, 215 fuel reg, brand new 215 supercharger (with 185 gear), ride plate sealed, 4" xana-flex intake, shorty water box. 15/22 Prop. I ride in 83 degree water and 100 outside. I'm getting GPS at 63.8 full tank at 7450 RPM (cant get 7600). Someone discussed a new fuel pump may help, or tweeking prop? I think next is Computer from 215 but it will burn my pistons (cast)? Rick

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    There are guys running cast pistons with a 215 set up with no issues.

    The 215 supercharger is the same as the 185 other than the gear, so if you are using the stock supercharger with the 185 gear, you do not need the 215 fuel reg, or injectors.

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    I'm running the X-SC. Overall, it's stronger but 6.8 not awesome.Even if a prop tweak gets me 7600, what...65MPH?

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    Didn't realize it was an X scer.

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    get a 215 ecu or flash yours to get more rpms min 8150
    15/22 wow send it out to get more like a 13/20
    you got way to much prop
    your pistons will be fine as long as you don't run lean or deto with junk fuel
    same problem we all have, just the cheap pistons will not take as much as the forged pistons

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    Where to get prop tweaking?

    I forgot the dudes name....In NY right? Speed Freaks? Can a 15/20 be tweaked to 13/22..And how much. Should I just sell the 1 year old 15 and buy a used 13/22?

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    Get that restrictive flame arrestor out of the intake...

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    Do you still have the plastic pump? Going to metal made a big difference for me. Your prop is too tall but your speed seems low for the rpm with that size prop which is why I question the pump.

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    Rick, I have a SFR pitched 12.5/18 and run 7600-7650 in hotter temps than yours. Just send the 15/22 to Erik. Look at my signature for more GTX 185 info.

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