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    Angry No wonder JJ Machinery has a D- at the

    I blew the top end on my ZXI 1100 about 2 months ago. cracked the block. i found a top end rebuild kit on ebay that came with a jug for $550 what a deal right? wrong! i have been getting run around by them since day 1! heres the emails i have sent and received aswell.....
    Sent Aug 16, 2013 12:33:06 PM

    Hey Jeremy,
    My name is Shawn. I saw your name and info on a thread from saying you were the guy to talk to. i really hope you can help. I purchased a top end rebuild kit for my ZXI 1100 from JJMachineryonline over the phone with Andrea on 7/16/2013. She was very polite and helpful saying that they had one in stock ready to ship out that day. I gave her my email address so that she could send me the tracking number as well. a few days went by and I hadn't received any email so i called back. Andrea told me that they did not have the 80.5mm top end but they had a 82mm or i could wait for a shipment that was to arrive in a few days with a 80.5 rebuild. So i decided to wait for the 80.5. a week later i called back to check on the status of my order and she said that the motor was irrepairable and that she had an 82mm she could ship out that day. i told that is fine and to go ahead and send me that one. once again i asked her to email me the tracking number to which i never received... so a few days went by and i called back to which she told me that the top end has not been bored out yet and that she will check with her machinist to see when it would be done (im concerned at this point because i dont know how you could know the size of the bore before it has even been repaired?). I called back 3 days ago and Andrea told me the package shipped out and she would call me back with the tracking number, to which i never received a phone call. the next day i called back and she said she would email me the tracking number but never did. Today when i called she finally gave me a tracking number(****************) and said it should take 4 business days to arrive. I called Fedex they had no records of this shipment and that nothing had even been entered in to go to my address... as you can see i am rather frustrated at this point and was really looking forward to getting back onto the water this summer but at this rate it doesn't appear like its going to happen. if you could please give me a call and help me sort this out i would sincerely appreciate it.

    To which his reply.

    Received August 17, 2013 4:53:19 AM


    I am so sorry to hear about this. I have been gone out of town and am back now. I will take care of this tomorrow.


    Sent August 19, 2013

    Hey Jeremy,
    I never did hear from you... I called fedex again today and they said a shopping label had been made, but they never received the package to be shipped out. When I called the shop today Angela assured me that it was shipped out Thursday and that she would call me back after she speaks with your delivery guys. I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. I am beyond frustrated at this point. I asked to speak to you when I called up there but you were unavailable.

    Has any one else expierenced problems like this with them????

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    WOW. I also called yesterday asking about a complete top end kit with cyls. for my zxi1100 and she told me she had four in stock that she could ship that day. Thank god I didn't order one from them.

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    In the now unavailable (hopefully for a short time) member feedback there was Jeremy JJ that had burned a lot of people. Not sure if it is the same guy but the MO sounds familiar.
    If you are in a hurry start looking for an alternative for you parts.

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    Jeremy actually saved the day here. after much public bashing on forums and their facebook page. jeremy called me and said he would handle it and sure enough he did. i received my top end kit and it was well done. everything runs great now! if you do order from them DO NOT talk to Andrea.... she WILL run you around. call and speak with jeremy directly. he made sure i was takin care of.

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    I wouldn't say I had a very good experience with them. I dealt with Michael but after it got there, they lost track of my crank for a few days then sent it back without a few parts that were attached to it. I'm sure they're just busy and doing their best but I was having to call and check up to make sure it wasn't lost in the mail.

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