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    Help!!! ibr light and fault code p2146,p2143 on 2012 gtx limited.

    My buddy's stuck in Bimini and calling me for mechanical help. He's got a 2012 gtx limited 260, and its been sitting in the water for about a month. He said he rode it yesterday and it rode fine. then rode thru what looked like kelp of some sorts. And now it's running like shit. I told him to try and ck the intake for anything that may be stuck in there. He did and said that its clean. The ibr light is on and the display is reading fault codes p2146 and p2143. Any advise or help is appreciated guys. Thx

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    are you sure they are P codes or could they be C codes. no listing for P with that number but there is C codes with that number, and they are for IBR

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    Sounds like he has something stuck in the pump or ibr area.
    It's hard to tell when the ski is in the water.
    He might need to get it out to view into the pump tunnel.

    Have him disconnect the battery and wait a minute and connect it again.
    Sounds stupid but I've seen things clear up before on these newer doos when they are reset.

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    Will do. I'll keep u posted on what happens. Thx again

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