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    Few 1200 XL limited rebuild questions

    Just about to put everything back together and have a few questions....

    how much oil should be in the bottom of the crank case to insure proper oil splash on the cylinders and bearings etc ?

    I have all new pistons,rings etc in the old cylinders and I am running pre mix 32:1 for the first tank and then 40:1 from then on out (sound ok .) Any need to run high end oil or can I get the cheaper stuff and just plan on cleaning my PV every year ?

    when I set the PV cables with the Allen key in the hole are the valves in the closed (down position) or the up (open) position ? I forgot to mark the shafts when I took everything apart and can't remember.

    wave eaters are installed,carbs rebuilt (thanks Rich) d plate mod done, new fuel filter, fuel flapper gone and pick up hose clipped primer installed.

    Any other suggestions or mods that you guys think I should do or things to look out for while I break it in let me know.

    I am sure a few more things will come up along the way.

    any help will be appreciated.


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    You can put a small amount of oil directly on the crank bearings for start up purposes and let it go at that. Remember that the oil is mixed in with the fuel, and when the oil/fuel mixture is drawn into the crankcase, it is that mixture that lubricates the bearings... it is like a mini hurricane in there when the engine is running.

    The servo motor cycles the valves open, then closed when you turn the engine off, so the valves should be in the down position, or the servo may constantly be trying to adjust to close the valves.

    You are supposed to have a scheduled cleaning of your power valves from time to time.... and you will need to if you use the cheap stuff. Sometimes Yamaha dealerships sell their Yamalube by the gallon as cheap as the cheap stuff if you bring your own container. Check around.

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    Thanks for the info Salty

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    I have one hose that I am not sure where it goes it come from the front pisser ? I think it goes to the fitting on the front of the exhaust manifold but that fitting looks really small for the diameter of hose I have. In the manual I have it is for a GP1200r and I have a 1200XL limited but they are close to the same machine anyway the page 5-15 #1 hose is what I am talking about does that go,to the front pisser ?


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