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    First Ride with Mod Parts

    Was too windy to do a GPS top speed run when we got out here tonight, but I launched the skis and put them on the EZ dock. I gave the modded ski some willy and went out to the middle of the river/lake before bringing it back to the dock... and while I have no GPS data to back it up yet, I KNOW if feels faster and more responsive (at least in the low-mid range) than the stock one that I launched and parked first. Plus, the sound of that Riva 4" rear intake is sweeeeeet. Maybe after dinner I'll go out and collect some GPS data.

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    Well, the water was still very choppy, but still got the GPS to read 71 with the tank 3/4 full, and the RPMs hitting 8120. Best top speed I managed stock was 68... and that was with a near empty tank, so this is definitely movement in the right direction!

    Not only was top end faster, but the mid range feels WAY more responsive. Acceleration to jump off a wave is quicker. And the sound of that intake? So sweet.

    I can also feel the difference in handling with the block-offs and the pump wedge -- and I like it a lot. Actually reminded me of how my 1996 GSX used to feel.

    Next steps are the Solas 14/19 prop (still waiting for my prop wrench to arrive... maybe I'll see if someone around here has one I can borrow) and plopping an X-charger in.

    Hopefully it will be flat in the morning, and I'll take it out and try to get a little more from the GPS.

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    better off with a 15/20 if you plan on modding any in the future

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    You will be in the mid 70's for sure..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikelytle1077 View Post
    better off with a 15/20 if you plan on modding any in the future
    That's the plan, but not until I get the x charger and 42# injectors in. Then I'll hand down the 14/19 to the kid boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    You will be in the mid 70's for sure..
    From your mouth to Poseidon's ears!

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    Quick for the mods listed, I have many more but in the Texas heat my numbers are lowwww right now.

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