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    Seized Motor/Destroyed Bearing

    Okay guys, here's the issue: was out riding my '98 Yamaha GP1200, everything was going fine. Went to shore, let the gf get on, she starts to head out, maybe ten yards from shore the ski stalls. She tries to start it, starter tries to turn but nothing. I figure the motor's siezed, cant even get the drive shaft to turn by hand. Get home, start tearing into it, find the bearing inside the impeller housing (just behind to cone) is destroyed. Beyond destroyed. Also, the impelled is jammed up against the housing. The drive shaft looks to be off center due to the bearing being gone. But the impelled looks fine.

    My question is: can I just replace the bearing, and if so, where do I find one? Should I dig deeper, and are there any other problems associated with this one that I should be concerned about? I got this ski used for a grand, and I'd like to keep it, but I don't want to shell out twice what I paid for in repairs. Any help you guys could give would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    sounds like you were a few days late for a pump rebuild, get it out and apart, replace the bearings and seals if the housing inst junk, plenty of complete pumps for sale in the classifieds

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    Like John says, sounds like the pump failed. Get it off and start the ski ASAP to flush waterbox out.

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    Ok, that being said, does anyone know where I can find a repair manual, so I have the appropriate torque values and whatnot?

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