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    Question Gates hose to replace the OEM hose

    I did the 'search' here at the forum on gates hose and am not sure which type of hose I will need to get for replacing the OEM hose-they have so many to chose from-I guessing the green striped?

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    Sorry-forgot to mention it is the hose that surrounds the prop shaft.

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    Gates 1 1/2"

    O'Reilly Auto Parts

    Most Autoparts stores carry them. cut to length. Bought by the foot. 6" is what I cut mine to.

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    I actually have a piece infornt of me.
    Its Fleetflex Gold 632, and yes 951 is correct its 1 1/2"

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    just had prop shaft out and did not replace this hose...
    is it a common fault that will fail often....
    guessing if it does fail, sinking look like its on the cards...
    worth pulling and doing now or waiting for prop change....

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    Thanks everyone-I'll stop in tomorrow morn and see if they have it-at least now I know what style to ask for.

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    Hey Salty,
    I have had my ski now for 8 hears with out issue. Other members have had theres collapse in 40 hrs. A friend of mine was kind enough to give me the rest of his stock after he had gotten done with his 2 skis. Its basicaly a gamble some fail and others dont. It is easy enough to install so I guess it would be worth the isurance policy vs sitting in the bay watching your ski sink. I am going to be doing mine as soon as it comes out of storage.

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    Lowes sells clear high-pressure hose of that size.... you have to put it in HOT water to get it softened up enough to install.

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