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    2005 Gp1300r doesnt not shut off

    OK I have a 2005 gp1300r fuel injected. I fixed my problem with my stuck throttle bodies and got it running again but now when I start it from it sitting for a day or two it will not shut off with the stop button or removing lanyard. I've read here that hot carbon deposits can keep it running but the motor is barely heated up when I try to shut it off. The motor can be completely cool and I'll start it and then 5 seconds later try to shut it off. Nothing. The only way I can kill it is by removing plug wires or taking ground off battery.. I also tested start/stop switch as it says to do in manual but it tests out fine..
    Any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Check for air leaks

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    It sounds like you have some corroded wiring possibly a ground. be careful removing battery wire wile the ski is running. the overcharging from the alternator when removing the battery cable can fry the ECM.

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