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    Cavitation FIXED

    Second ride today. Now at 5 hours. Best news is cleaning the assembly grease off the pump seal totally fixed the cavitation problem. Acceleration rocks!

    Speed was so-so as there was wind, chop and alot of traffic. I hit 65.7 with all fuel bars showing but later when fuel was low the conditions were not so good - did see 66.1.

    My speedo is really off. 30 mph steady on the speedo is 44 on GPS. 40 on speedo is 55 GPS. I rarely see 50 on top speed runs. The speedo will spike to mid-50's and even 60's every now and then.

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    Glad to be of help to you and anyone else!

    Glad it worked for you!

    Everyone needs to check it...........more peformance for free!


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    was it you that was trying out some props?
    Any word yet on one that helps?

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    The speedo wheel looks like the same one Kawi has used for years. If I remember correctly, you can slot the mounting holes and and make it adjustable which can help calibrate it. Some one needs to make a Speed-o-healer like they have for motorcycles. That way you can calibrate it exactlly.

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    today i ran

    i ran my 15f beside my 250 and the speedo was really off
    so when i got home i lossen the 2 allen screws and it move down a little i will check it on tuesday

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    Thanks Guys

    I'll try the speedo adjust - I appreciate the info.

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    Yeah, I tried three impellers from Skat.

    They all slowed down top speed performance.

    Let you know when I know.


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