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    Unhappy MSX 110 started to knock a little then eventually powered right down

    I am wondering if anybody has had this problem or knows the answer? My machine began to make an occasional knock over a 15 min period, then it powered right down. I pulled the injectors,plugs and cleaned them. No better. swapped parts from front to back cylinder, and the problem is not with the plugs, injectors. When I unplug the rear injector or spark plug connectors it only makes a minimal difference in how the machine runs. Unplug the front cylinder and it quits.( it is firing a little on the rear cylinder) Engine would not rev up at all before cleaning injectors but ran better after cleaning but one cylinder is still not firing much.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk.

    What's the history of this ski? New to you? Ever run properly for you? Last time used?

    I would recommend you pull the spark plugs and run a compression test on both cylinders. Sounds like you have a bad pto (rear) cylinder. Could be just the spark plug or coil (rare)... but could be indicative of something worse like Nikasil plating failure in the cylinder or other damage. Knocking is not a good sound, that's for sure. Report back your compression numbers and we'll advise from there


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    I have owned it for 5 years. It has been working great, no issues. I had been using it for 3 days, on the 4th day I topped up the oil(rear plug has always been a little discolored when winterized) and added a Jerry can of fuel(same fuel as ski had been running on). About 30 min of pulling a tube I began to notice an occasional light knock(clunk), I revved the ski hard for 10 secs to start and about 2 min later it really began to miss, would only limp back to shore. After cleaning injectors it seemed to run better but had a bad miss. Compression is 135/front 131/rear. I swapped spark plugs, coils and injectors and they all work well in the front cylinder. I unplugged the fuse block in back while ski was running, then let it sit for a half hour and re connected, to try to re-program the ECM. No change. I pulled the map sensors and cleaned them(looked to be clean to start with). Still the rear cylinder isn't working. Oddly enough it has fuel and spark.


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