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    Opinions on a 2005 stx-12f

    Looking at this ski for my 13 yr old daughter. 73hrs. Do y'all think it would be a good ski for her. If so what is it worth? Also looking at a 04 Yamaha fx ho. I just think the Kawasaki is more her size. How is the reliability of the Kawasaki? Thanks
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    You mean stx-12f?
    if so very reliable. Great all around ski. Will do about 50mph. Dont know what there going for but sure u can look around and compare. Some of them had a detonation problem running reg gas. I only run super and its been trouble free the 3 years I've had it.

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    Yeah that is what I meant. Changed it...thanks. Anybody else?

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    My 04 has 240 hours on it and has had nothing done but spark plugs, oil changes, and one pump because the liner swelled from salt water getting left in it. They are fun skis but like mentioned, run premium fuel.


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    My ex boss had a pair of 12f that he would only take out a couple of times a year. He never had any problems. I borrowed a couple of times and once rode them around 100 miles over a weekend and never any problems.

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    Dang, lucky daughter!

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    Great ski. Mine goes 55.

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