I have used Cal Brite numerous times to clean carburetors and corroded cases it's perfect for getting parts ready for re-painting. Since the product is diluted with water 3 to 1 you can control how fast it cleans just remember to thoroughly rinse the product off and spray external parts with clear paint because the metal will oxidize in air. I bought mine at a Air Condition supply and it was really cheap $7 by the gallon now $27 then used a hand sprayer to apply, a nylon brush does help for those really corroded places. If they give you a hassle tell them your not in the AC business and a repairman recommended it.

It's great for cleaning aluminum oxides off before brazing it no scratches from stainless steel brushes.

Deep penetrating foaming cleaner

Removes oxidation and brightens

Chemical composition is non-fuming and allows for safe cleaning indoors and outdoors


Safer and less corrosive than other acid based products

One gallon size (it doesn't go bad and will last a single user a long time, mine is 20 years old)