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    96 Seadoo GTX regulator/rectifier

    Hi, I recently bought a 1996 Seadoo GTX. I have very little knowledge when it comes to PWC and very little knowledge about engines period, so don't assume I know anything Anyhow, when I first bought this thing, it wouldn't start at all. I took apart the electrical box housing the ignition coil, and found it was full of water. I dried it out, bought a new ignition coil, and it now starts and seems to run pretty well to me, so I'm off to a good start so far I think. I am still having a problem, however... I brought it to the lake and ran about a half a tank of gas through it. It flashed 12V low quite often while starting it, and for a little while after starting it, which I wasn't sure was normal, but other than that I didn't have any problems until I had run it for quite awhile. Suddenly it just stopped, and I couldn't get it started again. Most of the time when trying to start it, it wouldn't even turn over, just clicked. I brought it home, put it on my battery tender overnight, and started it the next morning and it fired up just fine again. At this point I was suspecting that maybe the charging system wasn't working properly, so I decided to check the voltage at the battery with it off, and again with it on to see if the voltage went up as I expected it should. The voltage did climb while it was running.. I watched it go from 12 or 13 volts (I forget exactly what the starting voltage was) up to about 16.4V before I decided to shut it off. I think had I left it on it probably would have continued to climb. Anyhow, at this point I checked my service manual and I read that the voltage should never exceed 15V, and if it does, it's likely a bad regulator/rectifier. At this point, unless someone tells me otherwise, I think I'm going to buy and install a rectifier, but before I do that, I kind of want to make sure I'm going to know how to install it correctly when it gets here, so here's my question: I see four wires coming out of it, three yellow, one red. Are all the yellow wires the same, or do I need to make sure that a specific yellow wire on the rectifier goes to a specific yellow wire on the Seadoo? and if they're different, how do I know which yellow wire is which? Thanks!

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    All 3 yellows are the same.

    But I always swap electrical parts one wire at a time to make sure, some colors can look the same....

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    I think you got it pinned down for what your problem is. The voltage should never go that high. When it does the regulator/rectifier is most likely the cause. Also even when everything on the charging system is good, it's not uncommon for your 12 volt low to flash for a few seconds right after starting up.

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    12v low will flash on seadoos if the battery hits 10v..which lots of batteries do when they aren't in top shape ( and some brand new batteries also)..Takes a couple of seconds between mesurements, so as soon as the engine is running the mpem sees 13v+ and the warning goes away. Only worry when you see 12v low and the engine is running

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