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    Opinions on a 2004 FX HO

    Looking at buying this ski. Has 117 hrs on it. Guy said he replaced the head with one from SBT cause the valves were stuck. He wants $3000. What do yall think? Need a good reliable ski in a budget.

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    I am leery about the fact he had to replace the head. I would pass ...looks like a neglected ski that needed a head at that low of hours.

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    I'm leery too. That's why I wanted other opinions. I would do a compression test if I went to look. I guess the price is where I want to be the reason I was interested.

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    I know but sometimes a $1000 less will cost you $2000+

    Going and seeing it wouldn't hurt at all. Actually after seeing it, you may walk away from it easier...I remember going seeing a ski, it had so much rust and corrosion that I would've walked at half that price.

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    just because you have a stuck valve doesnt mean you neglected it. Thats a strange deduction.

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    Just sea test it. You'll work out all the bugs right away with a 15 minute drive.
    Then you can make an honest offer.
    I'm sure if he was serious he would let you.

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    Like the above posters indicated, the overall condition of the ski is what you are looking for. If the head was replaced, a lot of stuff came off the engine and the level of craftsmanship of the technician will be fairly easy to tell. Are all the clamps properly attached? Does it look like everything fits properly? A compression test is vital for this ski. All four should be close together and the engine should run smoothly at idle.

    Valves on these rarely get "stuck" but the valve keepers tend to fall out and a valve can "drop" and get crushed by the piston. This happens to skis that are ridden by someone who "uses" the rev limiter a lot. This is the more likely scenario. 3k seems mighty cheap and as CaptainReza mentioned, saving 1000 can cost 2 or more in this case. Lets just say that our friends at SBT welded the head back together and it fails in the future. You will be facing some hefty cost to redo it again (if you are lucky enough to still have a usable block). I bought 2 05' HO's with questionable backgrounds. One turned out to be fine, the other threw a rod after a few hours...They were a great deal but when I got done fixing the broken one (new block, crank, pistons, rods, etc), the cost for both was not such a great deal. I would keep looking for an original (non molested) ski. They are out there and more will be available as the weather gets cooler. Be patient. 3-4k is optimistic for a reliable 4stroke but I have gotten one in need of cosmetics and minor mechanical work for that price.

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    How many hours after the head replacement? Stuck valves maybe from water intrusion/ sitting. Any other engine parts replaced? 3k on a 4 stroke ski isn't much all things considered, but if you have doubts, walk away. If you decide to stay, I would do a compression test, check the oil for milk and test ride it. At least he was honest enough to disclose.

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    I have purchased 2 four stroke skis this year, each with 71 hours when purchased.
    Paid $3500 for the 2002 FX140, somewhat cosmeticly challenged.
    Paid $3000 for 2004 FXHO Cruiser, needing rear seat, cracked hood and needing a good buffing(very sun faded). Neither came with a trailer.

    Both run great, just need cosmetics.

    Keep looking, good deals are out there.

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