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    Newbie Painting my plastics on my 2001 Yamaha SUV

    All I have to say is WOW! What a royal PITA! I read a bunch of posts on painting and then promptly dismissed the starting grit and grrrrrrrind!!!!!!! I blew right down to the primer. This hood had previously been poorly repainted so what I saw was about 7 layers of paint and then a primer layer or bonding layer and then another couple layers of paint and clear.

    The 50 grit on the wheel was about 100 grit shy of what I needed to start with and I should have had the wheel set at its lowest possible speed just to grind that clear away. That being said, I took the next 2 hours of my life trying to correct my mistake and then went down to harbor freight and bought some hook and loop 150grit, 220 grit and some wet/dry 220-1500 to do it right when I got to the cowling section. Again...WOW, what a PITA ha! I didn't realize how much you had to take off in order to get at the cowling section All of those nooks and valleys were a lot of work with 150 and then wet 220 and last wet 500 by hand.

    Regardless, the hood came out nice and smooth and I made it through all of the top layers down through the original clear and into the original paint and she is 500 grit smooth and ready for high build primer (only need about 320 grit for high build is my understanding). I still need a bit more work on the cowling before primer.Click image for larger version. 

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    Not the most beautiful in the world but WAY better than it was before.

    The Good:

    1. Got my first time jitters out of the box
    2. Turned out at least as good as I would expect for not doing it the way I should have (by following this forum's full advice)
    3. IT IS DONE!

    The Bad:

    1. Sweat dripped on the primer once
    2. Used acetone accidentally to clean the dust off of the primed surface instead of denatured alcohol (grabbed wrong can off of the shelf but noticed quite quickly when the acetone started rubbing the primer off
    3. Used way to stout of a grit of sand paper to start the job and had the grinder set at too high of RPMs so it ground down way too deep causing a bunch of extra work on the hood.
    4. Not enough beer.

    The Ugly: Just finished painting. I need to buff them out yet

    1. See pics belowClick image for larger version. 

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    looks good!

    i just painted my gp1200r's windscreen using duplicolors Mirage box kit and they came out killer... gonna do the xl1200 next

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    dang! that does look killer. paint gun or spray cans? mine turned out 7 out of 10. need to work on my sanding skills ha! still need to 1500 wet and 2000 wet before buffing mine. not looking forwarx to the work. turns out I hate sanding ha!

    btw, I have a bunch of 98 XL1200 parts if u need anything I will do a fire sale to get the stuff out of my garage text anything u need to 7134446511 with your username

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    yea thanks! urs looks good too tho

    i cheated the Dupli-color stuff comes in a easy to use kit so all i did was wetsand it with 500 grit and sprayed the base coat then the color and followed it up with tons of clear.

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