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    1996 SLTX 1050 Steering Problems

    The last time we were at the lake the steering went out and started taking on some water. After taking a good look at it out of the water I can see a white plastic part that the steering cable goes through that looks broken. I have tried to look for thru hull fittings to see if that needs to be replaced or if I have got to replace the steering cable. With that two questions which part do I need and how difficult is it to fix? Thanks.

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    you should not need the complete steering cable, but just the white Nut but finding just the white nut could be harder then just getting a new cable.

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    I seem to recall someone fixing a similar problem with the plastic nut/fitting that normally connects the water tube to the water inlet on a regular toilet.

    Check the broken part against the plumbing supply section of your local hardware store, you may find a match (or something close enough to be made to work).

    If you find one that is a near perfect fit, post it here so others can find the info later.

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