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    Power valves 1999 1200 xl ltd

    Purchased this machine last year. Had a problem with the power valve servo and have one on order to replace mine as it would not stop buzzing hence killing my battery while not in use. After reading some post it is recommended that I install wave eater clips on my valves. I have taken the power valve covers off and have found considerable amount of sludge behind the covers. My question is do these valves come out easily from behind these covers for cleaning? Can anyone give me some pointers for this procedure? Also when I tried to turn the cam that the servo motor cables were connected to should I be able turn the shaft that the valves are connected to? Any help would be appreciated

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    You can get a good amount of gunk out without removing them. If you do take them out, just watch out for those little clips that could be a PITA. Once you take the 3rd cover on the end with the cable attached, they will turn freely

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