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    XLT 1200 sluggish

    I am trying to figure this out and hopefully someone can educate me a bit on this. Its an 03 powervalve motor. It bogs when trying to take off and get up on plane. It will only top out at about 35mph @5200rpms Compression is good. the whole time it sounds like its bogging and almost sounds like the exhaust is muffled. I pulled the cat out and its ok. One thing I did notice today when trying to trouble shoot is SOMETIMES when taking off from idle speed it will start to take off like it should then instantly bogs. but not evertime. could this be a powervalve sticking? how can I check? how are the powervalves controlled on this motor? Thanks in advance.

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    I would guess something with the powervalves. They make clips for them. Performance mod, check em out.

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