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    785 domes

    For all you pro 785 gurus out there. Changing from oem domes to hotseat dot 1 domes won't require carb adjustments correct? Since it technically isn't changing the af mixture?

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    An adjustment may be needed. Keep an eye on your wash.

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    Installed my hotseat head today and had a water leak. Guessing the oring slipped out and isn't seated right. Any tips for doing this correctly?

    Piston wash looked really good but might turn out just a bit. I think the bog I have is a lean bog.

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    Oring is now bad since it slipped and was squished when tightened down. Going to be uploading pics of piston wash in my other thread. In the meantime does anyone have any orings?

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    A thin coating of grease in the oring grooves will keep them in place

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    Anyone know where you can get these orings?

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    Well I am FINALLY going to be getting my dot 1 domes and hotseat head installed tonight. Thank you to all who helped with the orings and tips. Also will be installing a hotseat waterbox. Current peak RPM is 7850 at about 62mph (phone gps), will see if I can pinch anymore out of it hopefully with the colder air and get a good increase in the seat of the pants meter.

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    Actually zero increase in rpms or speed, but did feel pretty snappy off the line...probably the new domes. The hotseat waterbox doesnt actually seem much different at all from the stock one. Much smaller and lighter. Only noticeable difference in sound seemed to be more at idle to low speed than anything.

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