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    04 RXP What speed with these mods ??

    I picked up an 04 RXP a few months ago with the following mods already done:

    - R&D intake system.
    - Intake grate, not sure which one looks like a RIVA.
    - OPAS removed with block offs.
    - Pump wedge.
    - Reverse bucket trimmed.
    - Ride plate holes filled.

    Things I have done:
    - Charger rebuilt by Jerry.
    - Oil and filter and new plugs.
    - New carbon ring and bellows.
    - Wear ring and prop look decent, not perfect but not all beat up either.

    Half tank of fuel and me at @230lbs salt water at sea level the best I could get on the GPS was 67.5 mph at 8100rpm. Does this sound about right ? I thought it should be right around 70ish.

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    That sounds about right. Less gas and glass smooth water, you should be around 69ish

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    Looks like you're right on for that setup

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    Good to know, thanks.

    Any other low budget mods I'm missing that might squeak a few more mph out of it before I consider an X charger and bigger injectors ? Manual shows redline of 8000 +/- 50rpm I'm at 8100 on the gauge so maybe a different impeller to lower the rpm slightly ?

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    No, ideally you want to be around 8100-8150 <--- winter (max).
    And about 8000-8050ish in summer.

    As far as more free shit goes:
    Pull the pump off and true up all the tunnel seams with additional sealant while cutting away any excess blobs (if any). will want to break off all those "shark teeth" to get them out of your way. File them away and smooth them out nicely.
    Also fill in all of your intake grate holes too, even the front one.
    Think of all the bottom of your hull from the intake grate, through the pump tunnel and out the pump... There's a lot of fukn water action going on through there at 70+ mph! So, make it all smooth and pretty!!

    Another also: use a dremel and smooth down any aluminum casting imperfections along the whole intake grate and pump assembly. File down the rear edges of the scoop on your grate, making it like a knife edge along its very tail. You want the water to flow off the back of the scoop nice and smooth...don't want any water flowing off of any blunt edges causing air pockets/cavitation in the flow - disrupting the water's velocity. Again, think of how much and how fast all that pressurized water is trying to move into and out of that tunnel and pump! Help it along!!!

    Get 60 or 80grit sand paper and scuff your hull from in front of your intake grate all the way to the very back. Use straight strokes only, front front to back. This will break up the slick contact between the hull and the water, removing some of the contact friction between them.

    I can't say how much MPH you'll gain from all of this combined, but it won't make you slower!!!

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    Why would anyone want to be at 8150? Not making any power on the limiter and that's terrible for the engine. 8000 - 8050 is perfect rpms .

    several guys including Jerry ran back to back tests with a knife edged grate and normal grate. Knifing the edges was slower. Jerry has a write up on it. Snake oil my friend

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    It can't make you that much slower if I've been cracking 80 a dozen times I've never tinkered with my pump or grate like that and slowed down...also neither has bouncing between 8120ish and 8150 ever felt slower on my ski, and I believe the limiter is 8300rpm. It's certainly not 8150...and if you're only doing 8000, you're not set up totally right. 8000 is like basically being in the 7k's. Fuck that. Ill keep my 8100-8150 when I'm cracking 80 and the only thing Duke told me NOT to knife was the forward edge of the grate scoop...I never rounded my back yet...because I've been too lazy and because I've been enjoying cracking 80 anyway

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    8000 is my normal *summertime* RPMs haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotbird View Post
    haha yea, it's either the dremel tool....or "The Hat"!

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