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    Another stupid 300sx build

    So, I just picked up my first personally owned jet ski, though I've been around them for years. Accounted for so far, I blew up a RX-DI when an oil pump failed (400 hours or something), and I have been riding a GXI ever since... but this is my first stand up.

    If you're here to tell me to go get something else, go play touch keyboard in someone else's thread. This is for those genuinely looking to help/advise, and watch.

    In any event, it's a 1987 JS 300 SX, in relatively garbage shape, not running at this time. Day 1 and 2 were short, but so far I've found that I need:

    Handle pole base bushings
    12v wires
    Spark plug
    Plug wire

    It started with me trying to determine whether it cranks or not. Using a crappy old jet ski battery, it wouldn't. I ran a voltage drop test, and while I couldn't readily access the starter, all of the numbers looked like they should, with the exception of around the starter, where I couldn't get a multi meter in. Then I hooked in a car battery, and it still wouldn't turn. I removed the spark plug, and it immediately spun over, convincingly, and lots of air blew through the hole. At this point, I started looking at the grounding system, and found the wire off of the back of the starter wasn't connected to anything. I contacted a friend, who is making me all of the leads from the battery back to the battery. My next move is to install these, and score a new battery, to install. I don't have any hardware for installing it, but it won't be hard to make some. Once I get it cranked, I have little doubt that it will at least start, based on the air running out of the spark plug hole (seems like good solid compression to me). I did pull the handle pole pivot bar out, since it had nothing holding it in, and cleaned it up. I guess it's stainless steel, but it still had some nasty crap on it, and a prehistoric looking (LIVE!) insect in it that scared the pants off of me when I pushed it out, after stabbing it repeatedly with a piece of wood, trying to get it to budge.

    Now, the dingy part. The ski is in pretty miserable shape, as far as boats go, but as far as 26 years old, it looks pretty decent. There is a nasty repair in the nose I'm going to fix. My ultimate goal is to get this thing running, and painted, and then convert it. Not sure which direction I want to go in, but sorry, I'm not made of gold. I'd rather spend a buttload of time building a slow ski, and having a motorcycle than building a pile of napkins in the corner of my bedroom, while looking at superjets.

    Pix.Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry it looks like a crackhead uploaded them, but well... I'd just stepped in dog dirt, and I was on my way to the lake.

    More to follow as opportunities to work on this piece allow.

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    More investigation

    I've investigated further the damage to the hull. The repair job was obscene. 2 minutes with a chisel, and it all came out in three pieces, which was my goal, so I could figure out how he tried to repair it in the first place. It looks bad, but probably not terminal. Input from anyone? It looks like he put some chicken wire back there and then slathered some bondo on top of it. What would be the correct repair materials to use? Anyone wanna talk to me, so I can try to figure out my angle of attack? yahoo me at nicho919 et rocketmail det com.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Rumors of a hole in the hull were greatly exaggerated, I just pulled off the pole bracket, and it's... fresh underneath. The only damage is to the lip. I'm going to reinforce it, but I don't think it will leak water as is. I am also pretty sure it's to the outside of the chemical seal.

    Pics to follow.

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