Hello all, this is my 2nd post so I won't bore you with another top end rebuild. Back to the beginning when it all started with the compression @ 118-90-118 and bogging out I cleaned the carbs, yes cleaned should of rebuilt them stupid me but. Rebuilt with a top end kit from WSM, they are awesome by the way very helpful. The cylinder heads looked great I think it was the rings but anyway took my time did it right and put it all back together runs better with the compression of 118-118-118. I Took the ski out on the drink still bogs out @ around 35-40mph, huh. Keep in mind this is a premix 32.1 Klotz oil, D-plate wave eater clips, couplers, she wants to jet like a rocket but despite the bog out. So I'm thinking well I'll get the carbs rebuilt and see what happens I should be good to go. The ski ran good up until 3-weeks ago, fuel lines replaced, fuel filter, sending unit cleaned out as well. At this point I'm thinking WTF, Lol, I'll send them to my buddy in WI that use to race skis and rebuild them, ship them back put back on and see what happens. I just wanted to throw that out there and see if what I'm doing is the right thing. Oh, leak down test by the way good. Any inputs? Thanks Greenhulk. Steve in Savannah, GA.