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    2000 virage oil line?

    I picked up a virage a few months back as a project from a seller who had little knowledge of the ski. It had a worn driveshaft coupler which I replaced along with the grey fuel lines. While I was in there it appeared to me as though the oil pump had been disabled and the oil line to the carb has been cut and plugged so for my first outing I put 4 gallons of 87 at 40:1 in and she looked like a smoke bomb and will not rev over 4g it feels like its way over on oil but I don't want to run it lean. I have the Polaris shop manual but cant find anything yet about how all the oil gets injected is there anywhere else it is coming in I only see one line to the pump and one line off (which is cut and plugged) Maybe I just put to much oil in the mix but I don't think that's the case. Before I drain and pitch $40 worth of fuel does anyone have any tips or ideas. thanks in advance for any help

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    Well, from the factory there would have been one or two oil lines on a two cylinder engine. Hard to tell from the parts diagram, but if there were two oil feed nipples on the oil pump, they should be visible with an inspection mirror.

    On the engine, you should be able to inspect and determine if there was one central oil feed nipple or one for each cylinder.

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    If the engine has an accumulation of oil in the crankcase it will indeed smoke a lot until that excess oil gets burned off during high RPM engine running.

    When you added the oil to make premixed fuel, did you shake the fuel container before adding it to the Virage fuel tank? Oil needs to be well mixed or it can settle to the bottom of the fuel tank and create an oil rich fuel mixture. Of course, when that happens the remaining fuel has very little oil mixed in, so the fuel feed to the engine changes from too much oil to too little oil.

    Is there any reason not to reconnect the oil hoses and verify correct operation of the stock oil injection system?

    Tip: Minimum octane for these engines is 89 octane, not 87. This is due to modern gasoline being oxygenated.

    Was this test with the watercraft on a trailer or in the water?

    Are there any messages on the display or a red flashing light that is always flashing?

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    I just tested compression only 100psi on both cylinders good thing I got her for next to nothing

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    one carb one oil line,is it fuel injected??twin or triple cylinder??eacj carb will have one oil line to it.40 to ones a lot of oil and it may have been fogged.add another gallon of pure gas and see what happens.the 100 psi wouldn't bother me as long as they both read the same

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