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    anybody using RIVA waterbox and FF TJ exhaust ?

    anybody using the riva waterbox with a free flow or tommy Jordan style exhaust ? hows the annoying drone around 3-4k rpm better or worse ?

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    I don't mind the drone at all with a free flow.. Before or after. It's pretty much the same. I jut like the riva waterbox sound better over the raspy sounding gutted waterbox.

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    I have the riva water box and the r rated free flow exhaust. The sound is good but very loud. I want people to hear me a mile away so it works for me. If you every ride two up or another person has a ski you will have problems talking unless you shut down the engine due to the noise. It does sound good though. All depends on what you want.

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    These combos are not loud at all.. It may seem loud due to drone. But I agree that you have to let off to talk to someone. That happen with just a free flow though.

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    I have the Riva box and TJ freeflow on my FZ with the stock exhaust exit. It is not super loud and the drone is almost none. Sounds good even at 3-4k rpms. My friend has a similar setup on his SHO and riding beside him the two skis almost harmonize at 5k. Too funny...

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    thanks fellas

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    Just go with the rear exhaust lol I love it. It is amazing.

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