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    Sold my I just have an Athena ECU laying around..switching to Yamaha

    After owning 2 RXT-260s for the last 2 years and dealing with months of down time for service repairs (Temp sensors, cracked intercooers, broken IBR, cracked exhaust housing, stuck open injector, broken clips... etc.. Under 50 hours of use and mainly lake water... These have been the most unreliable things ive ever owned in my life..

    I did put an Athena ECU by Riva which made the ski more fun than ever.. I listed it on ebay for cheap incase anyone is interested..

    Im considering the ultra reliable new 2014 Yamaha now with the high output.. Very excited to see the vids and reviews as it comes to market..

    Anyone else having a similar experience?

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    adambomb is looking for a sea poo athena

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    all BS aside i was PONDERING that BLACK & BLUE FZR myself...........i mean F&CK those YAMIS.......hahahahahahaha......ask me that SOB looks KICK for a YAMI........PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

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    Ship jumpers wrench what ya got!!

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    I have a 2012 rxp-x will your turner work on my SKI? if so what is you asking price? I am in tulsa ok. you may want to email be back at [email protected] or text me at 918-630-5741


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    Should work without a problem!...

    I really like all the features the Seadoos come with however the unreliability of my skis gave me over 2months of downtime this summer.. thats just not acceptable

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