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    97 Stx 900

    Ok so I bought this stx 900 not know it needed so much work I mean the whole wire harness stator Ebox all fried so I but them all and brought to the dealer used of course and when I bought the Ebox it said that zxi 900 will work to so I got it and they says the wire are a little different for instance there are four wire that go into the side of Ebox in the stx and only three that go into the zxi he say that he thinks he can get them to work by tieing them in some how using the old Cdi can anyone help know what wire that is under parts diagram it show 26011c wire lead the one that should have a hole also in the box on the zxi so any help would be great or anyone else that has switched Ebox thank you

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    The ZXi has a harness for electric trim. The STX 1100 doesn't have trim, I'm guessing your 900 doesn't have it, either. If so, tape up the unused plug and try it.

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    Yea it does have trim I mean the wire almost same I wish I would have just purchased the right ebox

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