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    I am Norbert from Blind bay, BC, Canada.
    I just bought 2 Kawasaki 750 ss, 1993 jet ski,s.Both are not running and there is a lot to do.Unfortunaly, I have never worked on Jet ski,s.
    So I will have a lot of questions.First one: what is the difference between short Pin and long pin?What do I have?
    And pardon for my english.I know it is far from perfect.
    Thanks guys,
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    Welcome aboard, turbolazi!

    Actually, you're talking about Big Pin and Small Pin, which refers to the diameter of the wrist pins in the pistons. I believe your engines should have the small pin, which is 20 mm diameter. The big pin engines have a 22 mm diameter wrist pin.

    Many parts of these engine are not interchangeable. The pistons are different, the connecting rods are different, and since the rods are part of the crankshaft, the crankshafts are different.

    Some intake manifolds have 10 mounting studs, some have 12. I was under the impression that the 12 stud intake manifold was used on the big pin engines, but someone here said that wasn't correct. Apparently the best way to tell what you have is to remove the cylinders and measure the wrist pin diameter.

    I would not do this unless the engine has low compression and will need to be disassembled anyway.

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    Thanks.That is a perfect Answer.
    One Engine is allready apart.The other ( as the seller said, the good one ) needs a new Head gasket.The head is also already loose.So I ordered new gaskets and waite now for them.
    Thanks again,

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    So far so good.Is that right that the ski starts allways wirhout turning an ignition or key?

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    Yes, those don't have a key switch. It should have a lanyard that you wear on your wrist that kills the engine if you fall off. It shouldn't start (or crank) unless the lanyard is plugged in.

    I think Kawasaki introduced keys in 1995.

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    Yeah, I figured that out today.But thanks.It is nice to get some response,

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    Hi Norbert and welcome to the Hulk!

    Biggest issue with the 'ol 750SS is always fuel system.

    Take the pick-up out of the tank and inspect it well. Make sure the tank is good and clean. I would change out all your fuel lines with new. Use good quality lines and I would not use the clear stuff inside the fuel tank if they mix a lot of ethanol in where you are at. There is no problem using this outside the tank. I actually like it as you can see the fuel in lines and air bubbles which should NOT be there once up & running. Make sure the vent check valve is ok and fuel selector does not need a new o-ring gasket, and same with the seperator if you notice air continually being introduced into lines.
    There is a deal on the left front side of these engines that looks like a choke and was used to drain water from the crank case. It is recommended to block this off. There are kits available to do this or if you are handy you can make your own. Although it let water out it also could let air in = kill the engine = lean.
    Make sure and go thru the carb and that it is clean and the diaphragm is in good shape.
    Stock these came with a crappy impeller. Check the clearance on them between it and the wear ring. You can have the ring powder coated to make a better tolerance or get a new stainless steel impeller and it'll work much better.
    Use fresh gaskets on everything and put it together and have fun. The 750SS is a fun wet squirrely little ride. I really like them.

    I suggest getting a manual for this ski for specs. If you want I can look up some on mine and let you know. I work weird hours. I will get back to you but I am not always timely.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks all.
    I allready bought the block off for the oil pump.I saw that thing that looks like a choke and was wondering what that was for.So I should also block that off?
    By the way: is it possible to put some Headlight on a jet ski?Or would that be a problem with the battery?

    oh crap, I just saw that it is to late.Ithink you can,t reach that crankcase block without getting the engine out, right?
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    The cable on the left side of the engine, that attaches to the exhaust pipe, is the crankcase drain valve. Used if the 'Ski is flipped and gets water in the engine. They are prone to leaking when they get old, causing the engine to run lean.

    Best to block it off.

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    So- can you do that without taking the engine out?

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