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    SLT 700 reverse gate

    I traded an old boat for an old Polaris slt 700. Runs well. Has new engine and electronics. When they replaced the engine they took the reverse gate off, and cut the reverse cable. Just tossed in trash haha. Shade tree mechanics! Anyway, is the reverse gate and cable the same for a 1997 and a 1996? There are cables and gates both on ebay, but are for 96's.

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    Reverse is for girls, some say ...

    You can cross check the part numbers on the Polaris Industries parts web site. See my signature links for the info.

    P.S. I have reverse on both my main rides.

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    The 96 models used the short pump design & most 97's used the extended pump, the cables are different lengths & can't be interchanged, if you have a 96 the 94 & 95 SLT750 are the same as the 96 SLT700. The reverse gates were the same 1994 thru 1998.

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    HAHA "Reverse is for girls" As far as anyone knows, my daughter will be riding it the most? Thanks for the info! I almost bought the cable lol glad I didn't.

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    O.K. I can't find the part number for the reverse cable on a 1997 slt 700. Can anyone help me out in finding the part number or a cable?

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