Hello: I recently bought a 08 sea doo 230 wake. I noticed my tower wobbling quite a bit trailering the boat and in rough water. I thought that was normal, until reading that alot of post with people having the same problem. There was a nov 08 recall on the towers stating that the welds were breaking off and some peoples towers snapped off completely. I read that the companys solution was a "rebuild kit" consisting of support beams added to each side of tower ( an arched piece of tubed aluminum going from where the speakers are to where the back legs bolt in). I called my dealer who told me to call brp, brp told me to call my dealer. nobody new what i was talking about.... Does anybody know where to find these support pieces? or is this something i need to have custom made? or is there another remedy out there? any help would be greatly appreciated. Its got me pretty nervous.... Got a hairline crack starting in my fiberglass on the right side where the front arm bolts in... thanks