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    stand alone for aquatrax

    Seing whats out there. Im familliar with aem electronics and was considering the ems-4. Im sure there is probably motec and haltec but way above my pay grade.
    does anyone know how many teeth are on the flywheel asuming it will be 12. And seems there are 3 teeth on the cam gear one single tooth and 2 teeth close together asuming this is the sync tooth for tdc cylinder number 1?

    also anyone know the values for the map sensor say voltages per units of vacuum or boost. any other sensor data would be helpfull also. really would like to run all oem sensors. I can modify the cam teeth so there is only one sync tooth. but getting an aftermarket stand alone to work would be nice.

    any specific spot that is a good place to put a wideband 02 sensor in the manifold or in the exhaust down/up pipe?

    and lastly anyone know of any good starting values for timing curve in the map.

    whats the compression ratio of the f12x motor and how much boost can the stock motor take without breaking ring lands on the pistons or making an inspection window through the block with a stray connecting rod.

    any help is appreciated. not to watercraft or building high hp honda's but certainly new to modifying an aquatrax engine.

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    you guys said NITRO SHARK IS NO MORE.

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    Where is nitro shark? Ill bet its con man season on the net. Dude dont got no number or contact info: Thats signs.

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    He's NOT a con-man........there is no market for the 1200 series anymore he was selling them in 2006......

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    And they were 4700 back when I bought it, that is more than the book value on one of those now......sell the ski and buy a F15x or a different brand if you want speed

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    If you dont mind the initial setup then a megasquirt 3 is also a good option. The mspro is also an option if you dont want to get a custom sealed case for the ms3 but its more expensive.

    What are your goals?


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    I like your advise WHITE, but im gonna keep ski and get another. I want a fzr and change engine. maybe I change the game. I could create a hull with a big engine. I like the rush. anyone selling ski?

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