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    Stuck low speed adjuster screws for my xlt 1200!!!

    I'm currently rebuilding my carbs on my 2001 xlt 1200 and I am doing Bill's carb mod with aftermarket flame arrestors. I successfully rebuilt 2 of the 3 carbs but the 3rd one has a stuck low speed adjuster screw that I can't seem to get out. I tried soaking in on blaster for days and heating with a propane torch. Screw moves a 1/4 of a turn each way but won't budge anymore than that. Starting to strip the screw head round. I even took out the little set screw and blasted with pb blaster. Took the carb to island racing and they wouldn't get it out either. Anyone here have an extra carb for a 1200 for sale?? I'm stuck with a useless ski until this gets fixed and the summer is almost over! I've only been able to use this ski once this entire summer!! Help!!

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    I am going to offer a bit of encouragement. If the screw moves, then you have it beat more than half way. You have already decided that you want another carb and are willing to pay the price, so it will not hurt if you screw this one up.

    Be patient and slowly work the screw open and closed. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get mine loose, but with a bit of persistance, and closeing the screw completely and then open just slightly a little bit more each time, it finally gave it up. I'm talking small, small moves with just the slightest of pressure.

    It is worth a shot, so don't give up and don't forget the penatrant.

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