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    95 sl 650 stator resistance question

    Bought a new stator from Ebay (it actually looked like it had not been used) and I still have no spark. I'm thinking that it might be my CDI box, but the resistance values across red/purple to yellow is 1.1ohms (specs out at .6ohms) and the red/white to green/red comes out to 279ohms (specs out at 490ohms). Should I assume that the stator is no good? By the way, when I first put the stator in, I had a very weak spark. I trimmed the wires, put them back in, checked the ohms...everything seemed to be okay, but still no spark. I'm real reluctant to buy anymore parts. The CDI box was a used one bought online as well. Both the original and used CDI boxes have no spark. Advice? Ideas?

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    Sounds like the stator values are way off. I would look for a new stator first.

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