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    94 750 SLT carb adjustment ?

    94 750 slt
    Removed and cleaned tank, replaced all fuel lines, installed new 3 outlet fuel pump, and rebuild the carbs.

    When I went to test my work , started right up once I got the fuel flowing-- however--very fast idle -- almost like wide open. backed the throtlle adjustment all the way out and did the same thing.

    During carb rebuild I checked the truns on both the high and low speed needle valve and put them back the same after rebuild.

    So, whats the proper way to adjust the carbs-or did I messa up in rebuild process?.

    BTW, cant beleve how much gunk was in the carbs and fuel tank.

    Thanks for any help

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    Need to check idle in the water, not out. Can't tune the carbs until the ski is on the water. Set the needles back to factory and go from there.

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    I have had this with both my skis rebuilding the carbs, they do run lean for a second until the fuel lines get full.. hvae you started it multiple times or just once? it COULD also be an air leak!

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    Blue, not sure what the factory specs are. However they were set like his when I took them apart:

    M C P
    Low 3/4 1/4 1/2
    High 1 1/4 5/8

    Drk, I only tried 2 time. Was so glad to hear it start. I'll just wait till I can get it in the water and then mess with. If does the same in water, plan to open the Low ones up to 3/4 or more as a starting point. Rather have rich to start with and the go from there.
    Thanks Guys

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    Low all 1/2
    High 1 1/4 3/8 7/8

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    If you are using fuel with ethanol turn each out an extra 1/4 turn, does this ski still have the original air filter with the opening on the rear of it? or does it have the updated 780 style? If it has the 780 style adjustments will be different.

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    Rlance, still has intake at rear.
    Went to lake today to check--same fast idle.
    Noted the fuel filter I have past the fuel selector valve did not have much fuel. As the case would be I forgot to take some extra fuel line with me so I could bypass the selector valve. Will try that sometimes this week.
    BTW, I did not do a pop off test as I installed new springs on all the carbs and did not thinik that could be a issue--so that may also be me problem?

    I ordered another carb kit for a 95 750 SLT I'll try after I get this one going. On the 95 it appaears no fuel into the PTO cylinder. After seeing the other carbs from 94 I'm sure it is gunked up too.
    Hope to post some photos of what the 94 carbs looked like--not sure how yet.

    Thanks again!

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