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    broken pump with 1 hr on the stage 1 rxp x

    2011 rxp x

    riva stage 1 with a 82mm nozzle ring and wedge

    long story short the longer bolts for the wedge were to long and bottomed out in the threads on the pump housing and the factory ones seemed to thread in still plenty well made it 1 hr hit 76.8 on the GPS and not long after that the bottem 2 bolts on the wedge pulled out and busted the pump housing on the way out.. flew over the handle bars didn't get hurt luckily. my question is if I put longer bolts in to thread all the way I. am I still gunna have to worry about this happening again ? I would hate for someone else to be riding it and hurt them.. is this common ? the stock bolts went about have way in still After the wedge but the ones riva sent with didn't fit and bottomed out so if I get spacers or else the perfect length bolts has that been working for others ?? also is it necessary to silicone with marine adhesive both sides of the wedge pump housing side and nozzle side when I took it apart stock there was nothing on it.

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    What intake grate are you running? Change to an R&D grate, if its a RIVA grate first thing. Its going to buck you, if it didn't already.

    Put the wedge and nozzle together and measure the length bolt you need. Go to ACE hardware and buy the correct SS bolt for the job.

    When you start getting over 75 mph with a 08-11 RXPX you need to be careful with your set up.

    I wouldn't run less than a 83 mm nozzle on a 08-11 RXPX over going over 75 mph.

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    I don't use any sealant on the wedge. I have never had a problem with the bolts pulling out or anything else related to running wedge and wedges on a PX. I have run wedges on both style SD pumps. Do a correct install and you will not have problems. These ski get a little dangerous over 70 mph and sucks getting throw off at those speeds. Be Careful!

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