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    sea doo gtx 99 problem

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum

    I wish you a great help.

    my seadoo and you stop suddenly after checking the fuses I noticed that the 5 ampere was burnt so I put the new but no segnal.

    check all cables and I realize that the black cover that goes to the rectifier and broken so I fixed it.

    now jetsky to have power I have to disconnect and reconnect battery with lanyard inserted in and I get two beeps and ok.

    can you tell me what happened please let thank you very much.

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    mpem is bad. disconnecting the battery resets it.

    search for "5amp fuse blowing" for more tips

    welcome to the Hulk.

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    hello thanks for taking my call

    but once you put the fuse has not blown more

    do you think the MPEM

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    hello guys can help me I would not change a good MPEM

    can you tell me if you have lost the codes to the internal aspect and wants coded for your answer.

    ps sorry if I asked the same question twice.

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    sounds like you already fixed it.

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    hello I have to change MPEM explained better? or must I do coding

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    no one can help me? I have to put new MPEM

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