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    Xl 1200 driveshaft and mid shaft questions

    Hi, i need a drive shaft and mid shaft for my xl 1200 xa1200y. Should i buy new or used?? Should i go for genuine parts or non genuine?? Found some very cheap new non genuine shafts but have u ever tried them from shopsbt?? What do you think??

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    i have one

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    What do you have exactly and in what condition??

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    Ok, this is the fourth post you have created about this topic. I understand you may be new to the forum and believe me, we love the conversations. However, jet skiing is an expensive hobby. You can buy a new SBT coupler like I did and it will last you a few years if properly taken care of. Yes OEM is expensive but it is also the most durable. Speaking from experience the SBT shaft worked great for me, but I know they have failed prematurely for others. That is always the risk when cutting corners to save a buck. As for removing and changed the shaft, unbolt the engine mounts remove the exhaust and slide the engine forward in the hull. It sounds hard but is actually unbelievably simple. You going to just have to go out and do it. Posting multilple threads asking the same question over and over again is not going to fix the issue

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    If you want to keep the ski and make it reliable, buy new oem, if you can afford it. If you can't, buy a new from some source, if possible. If you can find a gently used part it may be fine for most circumstances. If you buy a used part, make sure, to the best of your ability, that it's in good working order, and remember it's used. So depending upon what part it is, you may have to take apart a good portion of the ski to replace it. It comes down to what are you personally comfortable with. good luck Michael

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    Thanks very much, just bought everything new from

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