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    Post How to remove Autocock on Polaris SL 650

    so, I have been doing a lot of research on this autocock, and how to remove it. Sadly, couldnt find any step by step instructions on what to do with it. Finally figured out how to remove it by actually taking the autocock off. I wanted to share my discovery.

    First, the autocock is located top left of the fuel pump when u look at it straight on. It has 3 tubing pieces connected to it, 2 on the side, one coming from the top. it looks like a UFO kinda, with a lazer gun attached to the top of its round hull.

    Before starting this job, make sure to turn the fuel selector knob to "Off". This will prevent gas from flooding the carbs. The autococks job is to prevent this, but it slows gas delievery, which is why its removed. Now, it must be done manually to prevent flooding. ONCE AUTOCOCK IS REMOVED, REMEMBER TO TURN FUEL SELECT TO "OFF" AFTER EVERY RUN!

    OK, heres the steps

    Step 1: Remove the single bolt Holding the autocock to the air intake body.

    Step 2: On the back of the autocok are 3 imprinted labels that say "In", "Out" and "Vent".

    Step 3: Remove the "In" clamps/fuel line, then remove the end of the "Out" fuel line (its attached to the carb body).

    Step 4: Connect the "In" gas line (which comes from the fuel pump "Out") directly to the carb body inlet.

    Step 5: Now the "Vent" tubing must be removed and capped on the carb body. Get nipple caps from a auto parts store. They look like little ballons. To access the carb end of the vent, u need to take off the air intake.

    Step 6: After removing the air intake, u should have just enough room to work in. Use your sense of touch to get the nipple cap on as its hard to see the nipple. The nipple capping kit i bought as assorted. Each cap had different colors. The nipple cap i got to fit was a blue cap. They might be universally colored across the world (as in one color cap is only for one size nipple). Not sure thou. Just find a cap that fits snuggly on the carb body nipple.

    Step 7: Almost done...put the air intake back on and take the autocock out of the jet ski for good.

    Step 8: Final step! Make sure your fuel selector is properly labeled (as in "On", "Off", "RES"). Label with a marker or stickers if u have them. Also, i recommend putting a label right next to the fuel selector saying "TURN TO OFF AFTER EACH RUN". This will help u to prevent a flooding in the carbs, which really suck.

    Enjoy your "upgraded" Polaris! And thanks to Green Hulk for all their insightful info.

    Ride on!
    - TyCast

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    Nice step by step. You may want to add a zip tie to the cap just to make sure it stays in place....

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    Thanks for the step by step info!

    T: You can add photos to illustrate important points, and for general orientation.

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    Thanks guys. And yeah, a small zip tie would be nice on the cap, but the one i put it was real snug. I would say its optional.

    And pictures would be helpful. I thought about doing pictures before i started, but i didnt have my camera near by. I probably wont do a full pictorial cause i dont wanna put the autocock back on for photos. But i will take some photos of the fuel line locations and the back of the autocock.

    Soon, once i find that camera That likes to get lost....

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