My gauge instrument cluster is toast. When I got it out of the ski and turned it glass side down - it was filled with water. I realize its toast and tried to dry it out anyway - still beep,beep beeeeeeeeeeep when I connect it and ski fires up still with no problems.

I found a cluster that looks almost the same online but it has a picture of a seadoo on the right hand side of the display and fuel on the left. Mine does not have that picture on the labeling around the gauge cluster.

Its from an 04 4-tec rtx I think. It should work but I just want to make sure. Will it?

To prevent this in the future how does one waterproof those a bit more? When taking mine apart I found some moisture in the back screw holes under the rubber seals. I have attempted (in the process) if doing the repair as posted in this site - I've cut the gauge open, have it all apart and bone dry but am challenged with the soldering part.

Also I discovered that a green wire connecting the gauges internal board to the pin attachment was not attached. It looks like it was never meant to be connected as there wasn't a shroud on it to hold it into the pin/wire connector assembly. It's hard to explain - i just don't know if that's required. I've exposed the wire and places it into the spot it looks like it should go and also tried to attach the key/dongle and still get same beep patter. 2 short. 1 long.

It doesn't seem to make a difference.

So if anyone can provide any advice on - replacement part, green wire, how to waterproof it better - I'd appreciated it.