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    Removing shaft coupler on xl 1200

    On yamaha s manual there s written that you have to take engine out to remove coupler. Do you really have to remove engine out?? Or you can push the engine forward only, leaving all pipework and cables in place and take it off?? 2morrow i m removing the coupler so i m kind of need of some advice urgently

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    May be a little harder to get leverage to spin it off with the engine still in, but would say its possible.

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    Done it today, it very easy remove exhaust system, remove mounting bolts and slide engine to the side and you re done. Thanks for your help

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    Just remove the exhaust, take remove the bolts holding the engine in the mounts and slide if as forward as you can. You might also want to remove the carbs, it will give you some extra space but since the exhaust is removed you migh as well clean them? It's a pretty simple job that can be really time consuming.

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