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    Genesis Reverse Problems

    The reverse does not move on my Genesis I. When the bildge is pressed and I press the down button on the reverse switches the unit just hums as its locked up. Any ideas what might be wrong before I tie into it. I am assuming I will have to remove the reverse unit? Any tips or suggestions?

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    This would be the PERC electric reverse system.

    Depending on the model year there may be a cable linking the reverse motor assembly to the actual reverse bucket. In any case you probably need to remove the reverse motor and investigate why it is not moving when power is applied.

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    Polaris electrical reverse control systems strongly resemble the innards of a 70's vintage pinball machine. CAREFULLY Open the box and spray the crap out of it with electrical contact cleaner and follow with compressed air. mucking with the position sensing "switch" not suggested. It's painful.

    couldn't do a full mechanical system right..sooo painful to pull that lever up....

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    Had to remove it and clean it out. Luckily it still works now...

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