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    Unhappy Oil pump timing for xlt 1200 2001

    Hey everyone, I need to kno which timing mark line i should set the oil pump on?I had it set on the first timing mark and it seem to get enough oil.So i set it again n the middle and now it is really rich and getting to much oil.After setting it and checking it in response to the throttle it fine.Does anyone kno where i could download a shop manual for this ski ??? Thanx Guys!!!

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    Kmc, Thanx for the photo diagram.My xlt has the 2 lines u c on the oil pump diagram plus it has one n the middle.If i set it at the one n the diagram it doesnt get enough oil to even wet the plugs hardly at all.If i set it at the one in the middle it gets to much oil and loads up very bad.U cant even hardly idle any very length of time without having to hold it WOT for a good few seconds until it cleans out and then rev it up again right after and i notice alittle load up. Again, Thanx man for the photo!

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    I wonder if your filters or one-way valves are plugged??

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    Kmc, I'm sorry for the length of time to respond to ur post! But yes I changed the one way check valve cause it was stuck closed and I couldn't even blow thru it! Thanx man

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