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    What RPM Should I be aiming for?

    Hi, I havea Riva ECU in my 2011 RXPX (mods in Signature). Just added a new Skat 15/19 - 3blade. Tested today under cold weather and calm seas. Was reaching 8580 rpms(maybe 8600 rpms). My question is should I pitch to bring rpms down away fromlimiter, or is it fine right now? If I am not mistaken Riva limiter is 8600 o8650 (not shure)??? Running on the limiter could hurt de engine? Or should I changenozzle to 83? Bike set for close course and slalom course racing.

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    8550 is about were you want to set the Riva up for RPM wise...i would leave the nozzle alone especially if your CC racing..your gonna want the acceleration factor IMO not the top end..maybe some CC racers will chime in on this and help you out..

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