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    any suggestions??? Crap in the gas tank!

    Hey Guys, I own 4 different jet skies.. Polaris and Kawasaki.. I know the polaris forum is more active so I thought I would post this question here..

    I have a 1100 stx Kawasaki with crap in the gas tank... I started by running the tank empty or till reserve anyway. Then refilling. Cleaned the carbs and replaced all the fuel lines. I have been thru 2 years worth of summer use but at least once a yr my carbs plug up and I have to pull them and clean out the inline filters. My fuel filter is a high performance glass style with replaceable element so I can keep track of whats going thru the lines. The inline filters are completely plugged each time and so is the fuel filter.. When I notice the crud in the fuel filter it looks yellow in color. I keep wondering if its water.. What ever it is it gets past the fuel filter each time. The inline filters are so plugged I can rub the crud off with my fingers. Each time this happens the way I know the inline filters are plugged is my jet ski starts to bog and wont pick up speed.... I can only imagine whats going on with my pistons and how much longer I have before I melt one.... Any suggestions on what I can do to clean this crap out.. Is there a fuel additive that will help... This yr it happened 2 xs . I pulled the carbs each time cleaned out the inline filters and the fuel filter. After each cleaning the ski ran great... I got lots of use this yr from the ski.. The ski has been used all summer at least 2 days a week so lots of fuel has been ran thru it...Lots!!! The ski is running great as we speak just cleaned them last week. The cleaning prier was first week of summer so its been a little while...

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    sounds like maybe the plastic from the gas tank itself is slowly deteriorating and dissolving into the fuel, then getting stuck in the filters, I can only imagine what the pump/ sending unit looks like too! If that is a correct assumption it could be time for a whole new tank. Or bad fuel hoses, I know the original polaris grey hoses caused issues from deterioration, this could be the case as well.
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    I would for sure get a inline fuel filter, that's cleanable like the glass ones from ur local parts store, that way u can just clean a filter not your carbs


    can u remove the tank and clean flush it that way easy ?

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    ^ the last entire paragraph was him explaining how he already uses the glass inline filters...

    I would try to do more then just empty the tank, how big is the hole on your fuel tank and do you have access to get a long handled scrub brush in where the fuel filter goes? You would get kerosene or more gas and scub the tank and suck everything out with a pump after to clean it out.

    If you have the option to remove the tank you could always use some purple power and fill the bottom with a few handfuls of rocks, swish and swash and roll it all around and they will act as an abrasive brush and clean everything out nicely. I do this in 55 gallon drums often.

    Have you replaced the fuel line with a proper rated fuel line?

    Also do you buy most of your fuel from one place or is it from multiple stations?

    I put marvel mystery oil in all my skis to keep them running nice. Wouldn't hurt to put some in there after the fact.
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    I would be inspecting the interior of the fuel tank, and probably removing the tank for a proper cleaning.

    Gasoline is not a strong solvent when it comes to fuel tank deposits.

    Whatever is inside the tank may require actual scrubbing and cleaning. With the tank removed you can use hot water, power washer, cleaning products, whatever it takes to get it really clean inside. Then rinse it well and let it air dry in the sun.

    Also inspect, clean, or even replace the fuel sender.

    Don't forget to clean the tank filler neck and cap.

    With the fuel tank clean and the sender clean, then replace all the fuel hoses. Clean out your carbs and get it all 100%

    Personally I am not a fan of glass fuel filters in a watercraft. If the fuel system is no longer contaminated then you should be OK with an OEM plastic type filter.

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    beware adding any filters. I suggest only using filters with plastic mesh. Paper filters will swell with water contact and restrict fuel flow..which isn't actually that swell.

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    Who crapped in the gas tank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwtony View Post
    ^ the last entire paragraph was him explaining how he already uses the glass inline filters...

    lol- late night post I see it all now,

    ya I was only saying cleanable glass filter to see whats all going on how much stuff how fast it was collecting up , and then being able to clean it quick and easy on the lake , but it sounds like he did that already !

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