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    10 seconds at WOT and down to idle

    OK quick question. I have a 97 Monte carlo 1000 triple. Just got it a few weeks ago. It has been sitting in a garage for about 2 years. Ran carb cleaner through the gas tank and new gas, actually runs way better than i thought it would. I have noticed that if you go from 3/4 throttle to wide open trottle there is no change in RPM and after 10 seconds, the ski dies to idle speed unto you release the throttle. Once you release, you can hammer it and its back to WOT for 10 seconds and then down to idle. My question is this..A buddy of mine had mentioned that he had an atric cat snow ski, that had a throttle sensor that would cut the ski off of after 10-15 seconds WOT to prevent it from getting damaged due to lack of oil at full throttle. Does the ski have the same thing or is it an issue?

    It will run all day long at 3/4 throttle, which it about 45-47mph on the water. I seem to think that the 3/4 throttle is really the full throttle (wide open throttle) and past that some sensor kicks in saying its too much??

    ANY opinions are welcome. Ask questions I will let you know what else the ski is doing if it helps.


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    You need to check you fuel pump it operated off crankcase vacuum pulses. I sounds like the pump is not delivering the rated flow rate. When you go WOT the carburetor(s) simple runs out of fuel the pump refills the carb at idle which allows you to accelerate to 3/4 speed. See this link for a photo;

    You can rebuild these many times the valves are not working due to accumulated fuel debris.

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    Thank you!!
    Will this fit? Mine is a 1000. Also, I have noticed that on all part diagrams I have seen there is no mention of a fuel pump. Any idea why or am I just looking in the wrong places on the net??

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