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    Got tossed off my ski at 60+ mph = ouch!

    Wow, it was pretty painful, felt like I got punched in the face, and twisted like a pretzel! My jacket zippers got ripped completely apart, only the buckles held it together. Needless to say, I am pretty sore today! I just wonder if I had done an OPAS delete, if this would've never happened? I let a friend ride it, when he got back, I needed to leave, I hoped on it and flew across the rough waters of the lake, the ski felt squirrelly, like I couldn't control it, felt like the steering nozzle came loose, before I could let off the throttle I hit a big wave I guess, which caused me to still hold the throttle, it was all over the , I was flying in the air, when I painfully swam back to my ski, I found the trim was all the way down, guess my friend did that and I never even looked as I took off, next time I will! I trimmed it out, proceded 10-15 miles thru the lake and down river to the boat ramp without any problems.

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    ouch! be careful with that, one of the reasons i enjoy my 35mph ski

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    Sorry to hear ya got busted up. The two times I got thrown was trying to ride fast in large waves. Darn sure put me back in respect of my RXP real quick. And I also broke my toe twice jumpin boat wakes. The skis can bite back LOL

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    Yeah high speed and boat wakes don't mix well. I sprained my ankle last year when I was tossed.

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