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    Newbie help

    Just bought my wife a new (used) Jet Ski. It is a 2000 zxi 1100. I am unable to ride these things, so it was up to her to check out the ride. We test drove it. It cranked and ran smoothly. We bought it. Wife likes the way it rides..says it is fine. I gave her my hand held GPS to take out on a ride. She rarely opens it up, but I told her to give it all the gas. GPS came back at 42 MPH. She says tach was at 6300 RPM. Does not seem this is doing what it should. Shouldn't this ski do a lot more than that? What is Horsepower rating for this ski? What is redline RPM? The trim buttons were not making any noise when pushed.

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    Welcome aboard, Steve!

    It should do about 55-60. I don't remember what RPM those turn, but I think 6300 is about right. Could be the impeller has been changed or damaged, or debris in the pump, or the pump isn't sealed very well, etc. You might check the compression, if you haven't already done so.

    Good idea to change the oil lines. They get brittle and crack when they get old. Use polyurethane or Tygon hose and secure with stainless steel safety wire.

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    Mine runs 7800 flat out, will bounce off the rev limiter (8000) with a title chop. At that RPM the speedo is at 70mph but I know that is about 3-4mph fast.

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