Hi guys its been awhile since I have been on here but I got a question . My skis have been sitting up for about two 1.5 to 2 years since I was able to use them and I'm pulling them out and trying to get them back in good working order which they need more then expected (they where running good when parked)
The first two I am working on are yamaha VXRs one has a warped impeller wear ring the other needs steering cable (I mite have that in attic) and hood support armbut the relay coil appears to be bad as well . I got lots of old spare parts laying around the garage and have a coil form a 500cc waverunner that I think will work but the part numbers are different so I am asking some of you more knowledgeable people if I can use the Hitachi ??????

The 500cc Yamaha relay coil sticker says:
Hitachi 12V A104-136

The Vxr 650cc Yamaha relay coils says:
MS5C311-1 12V made in Japan