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Thread: 05 1300 problem

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    05 1300 problem

    I recently purchased this ski and it had a fresh rebuild on it. I was in the middle of doing the break in on the river and i got a bad vibration at idle. The ski still got up to speed no problem but wont plane out flat. I looked in the prop and underneath and cant seem to see anything stuck in there. I did a compression test and everything was perfect. I am somewhat new to skis so im not as tech savoy as i would like to be. Im open to any ideas on what the issue might be.

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    Double check the intake grate and look up in the pump tunnel (through the intake grate) for something like a rope wrapped around the drive shaft. also look close at the stator veins for debris or rocks lodged in there as well. do you know if the pump shoe has been sealed as it could be cavitation.

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    Ill check everything again tomorrow. The pump shoe is not sealed that was on the list of things to do.

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    I just had something similar. Was riding in the river, ended up with a bad vibration in my ski. I got to shore and loaded it on the trailer but saw nothing in the pump. When I got it home I looked through the intake grate and noticed a long rag wrapped up on my driveshaft near the impeller.

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