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    Moving everything to a different hull (2004 Virage i to a 2002 Virage TXi 1200 hull)

    Found a hull in great shape from a 2002 TXi 1200. It has both the 1200 and 800 motor mounts inserts so it should work without any hull mod.

    My question is where to start.

    I assume I need to pull the jet pump first then the engine but I sure would like some help or suggestions before I start. TIA
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    Lots of steps involved. I would start by making copious notes and photographs of the Virage i, especially everything inside the hull. Digital photos are cheap, and you never know what detail you might be looking for later on.

    You will be moving a lot of pieces across. Getting confused about where things need to go, or where they were in the old hull, will cause grief down the road.

    Before you start actual work, make sure the fuel tanks on both hulls are drained. Oil tanks too.

    The jet pump needs to be removed, before the engine. Driveshaft too.
    The Virage i impeller is different from the TXi impeller, but the rest if the jet pump is interchangeable.

    Without trying to be exhaustively complete, you will be removing and installing;

    The entire electrical wire harness from the Virage i.

    The exhaust system including exhaust manifold and large exhaust pipe.
    Note: See my signature links regarding deleting the water injection solenoid.

    The actual engine, including oil pump.
    You will need to use a Polaris alignment tool since the shim count from the old and new hulls will not apply to the different engine. The alignment tool tells you how many shims are needed under each engine mount.

    Throttle cable, unless the new hull still has one. You will need to adjust throttle cable slack after getting the engine reinstalled.

    EMM, capacitor, start solenoid, battery cables, various clips and supports for the wire harness.

    As you are doing all this, be sure to do any maintenance while the engine and jet pump are out of the hull. For example;
    Rebuild the through-hull bearing
    Check the jet pump bearings and seals
    Check the drive shaft splines. And the mating splines on the engine coupler, and inside the impeller.
    Lubricate all cables, steering pivots, Reverse lever pinion shaft, anything that moves.

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    Thanks for the info K447. A few more questions. Is the alignment tool used to get the correct height of the motor so that the shaft is aligned? What all needs to come off the engine to take it out or back in. I plan on cutting off the top of the old hull so that dismantling is easier. The replacement hull is all stripped.

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    I normally use a small chain hoist to support the engine weight while maneuvering it out or into a hull. It can be done just using hands and muscles, but I don't do it that way anymore.

    The engine must be unbolted from the engine mounts in the hull. Normally the engine comes out with the bed plates still attached. It will be easier if the intakes or exhaust are removed, but with some wiggling the engine can usually come out (or go in) with most of that stuff attached.

    If you remove the driveshaft coupler that makes the engine several inches shorter.

    Take the oil pump off if you are worried about damaging it.

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    Thanks for the info. Looks like I will not get to this before winter. Kids are back in school and would like them to do this with me.

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