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    95 Seadoo SPX Carb Tuning

    Guys, I've researched and tuned this until I'm about to pull my hair out. I completely rebuilt this ski a couple years ago and during the process, I changed the low and high speed adjusters from where they were to factory and it never ran quite right. Well it has a lean hesitation. To combat that, I rebuilt the carbs and didn't reuse the spring and threw it away. I know I know, I'm a glutton for punishment. Still has a lean hesitation and will become difficult to start when warm. I purchased a 95 gram spring to get me close to 25 psi pop off per Seadoosource (22-37 psi) with a 2.0 needle. Upon pulling the needle to inspect, I noticed it is in fact, a 1.2 needle in my ski and not the 2.0 that Seadoosource states. Could be installed later but I've noticed another individual on a forum that their exact ski as mine had a 1.2 needle. Is Seadoosource possibly incorrect on the specs of my machine? Because for one, my manual says the pop off should be 16-21 psi, not 22-37 psi. I could get ~37 psi using a 65 gram spring with the 1.2 needle but I'm thinking I better stick with the 2.0 needle I recently purchased. But here's the kicker, I'm getting a bog I cannot dial out using a 2.0 needle with a 25 psi pop off. Also, it is difficult to start when cold. Everything is stock and most every single part inside and outside the motor is new.

    Anyone solving this will receive a $25 gift certificate of your choosing.

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    To put it simply:
    1.2 needle - lean hesitation - hard warm start
    2.0 needle - bog - hard cold start

    1.2 OR 2.0 needle?
    16-21 psi OR 22-37 psi?

    My guess: 1.2 needle, 65 gram spring. But I'm tired of all the troubleshooting I've done and just want to finish this project

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